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Bow Needs Your Help

Bow is an amazingly upbeat and optimistic child from Thailand who faces a lifetime of deformity unless you can help. She has been given a chance to have facial surgery in the United States, but funds need to be raised to cover the medical costs. The cost for Bow’s care will be approximately $40,000, and we are working with the Agape Home to raise the funds prior to the camp week, August 16th – 22nd. 

Aug. 30, 2009 Update from Camp Dreamcatcher Director Patty Hillkirk:

Bow had a great week at Camp Dreamcatcher. She enjoyed every activity and made a lot of new friends this year. As always, she entered each interaction with joy and positive energy and on Sunday, August 22nd, she traveled to Texas. Bow’s surgery was Friday, the 28th, and it was a success.  She will move out of ICU soon and will continue to recover at The Ronald McDonald House.  We deeply appreciate Dr. Fearon and all of the other folks at The Craniofacial Center in Dallas, Texas.  They have surrounded Bow with love and compassionate care during her stay.  Robert Corna, Bow’s dear friend, is also with her in Dallas and is giving us daily reports on her recovery.  I will keep you updated on her progress.

Video Documentary on Bow

To find out more about this extraordinary and deserving child who has touched all our lives, view the documentary below, then read about how Bow has inspired us all at Camp Dreamcatcher!

Bow's Story

“Bow was born 27 Oct. 1994 in a Bangkok Thailand hospital, where she was abandoned at birth. She spent most of the first 3 years of her life at this hospital, except for a short time that she spent at a home for handicapped children. She came to live at the Agape Home for Babies and Children with HIV/AIDS in Chiang Mai Thailand on 24 Oct 1997 (just before her 3rd birthday) and has been with us ever since. Bow was born HIV+, with multiple facial deformities including cleft palate and she also suffers from chronic sinus infection.  Despite all the challenges that Bow faces she has a positive outlook on life and she has many hopes and dreams for her future. Her greatest heart's desire is that she might one day have a mom and dad to call her own, but for now her focus is on getting the surgery needed to correct her deformities. She is "over the moon" as they say, about this opportunity to go to America and have the surgery done.  While we can't fix the HIV issues and we can only continue to pray for a family for Bow, we at Agape and many others, are working together to help make this dream of a "new face" come true for her.”

Kathy Walden, R.N.
Agape Home Health Center Coordinator

“I first learned about Bow through the film Tiny Tears. I was amazed by her courage, her heart full of love and by her determination to find a doctor to “fix her face”. I was thrilled to be able to meet her in person when she attended our 2008 camp session.  We all fell in love with Bow and promised her we would help to find a doctor in the United States to perform her surgery.

Having Bow at camp was a joy and she entered each interaction with the other children with curiosity, love, compassion, empathy and openness. I am happy to report that we found the perfect place for Bow – The Craniofacial Center in Dallas, Texas, directed by Dr. Jeffrey A. Fearon, M.D.  Dr. Fearon has agreed to provide medical care for Bow and she will travel to Dallas directly after our camp session in August.”

Patty Hillkirk
Camp Dreamcatcher Founder/Director

“I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with Bow at camp. Although she spoke little English & I spoke no Thai, we bonded right away. I called her Cookie. "Why do you call me cookie?" she asked. " Because you are so sweet," I told her.    She loved the answer and asked me to repeat it to everyone she met. I took her to the hospital to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon. When she finished her appointment, we entered a crowded waiting room.  She went around the entire room and comforted the bandaged children who filled the room. "The Doctor will fix me and will fix you," she said over & over, receiving smiles, hugs, & kisses from each child to whom she spoke. She is a beautiful soul & I look forward to working to make her dream of a normal face a reality.” 

Ginny Fineberg
Village Chief and Board President

“Bow entered my life in July of 2007 while we were filming my documentary, Tiny Tears. While filming, I developed a great friendship and concern for this little girl. What a special person. She has had so many obstacles in her life, but she still keeps smiling and laughing. Born with HIV, orphaned and abandoned is more than enough for one child to handle, but her facial deformities are her biggest obstacle to overcome. As stated in my film, the one thing Bow wants more than anything else is to, "look normal."  

Now is the time for this surgery to happen. And it must happen. She deserves it. She wants this more than anything in the world. Especially now that she is a teenager and children in school are beginning to pick on her.

She is a very special girl. I hope we all can help.”

Robert Corna
Tiny Tears


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Camp Dreamcatcher
617 West South Street
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Make a note in the memo portion that the donation is to support Bow’s medical care. 

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Thank You

On behalf of everybody at Camp Dreamcatcher, The Agape Home and Bow, we thank you for making her dream come true.  We will keep you updated on our progress on this page.

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